Art Journaling Dice – My version

So I am an artist. At least that’s what people tell me. I am learning to accept that but I have an urge to create ALWAYS. Well, if your an artist you know its not always, like its somewhere within you but sometimes deeper than other times. I love art journaling I feel that the possibilities are endless. Now if you love art journaling too, you know you can really get stumped (thats also if your an artist of any kind really). In December I saw this article in the Nov/Dec 2014 Issue of Cloth, Paper, Scissors and thought Carolyn Dube you genius you! I always have such a hard time creating and I’ve tried making a list of things I’ve always wanted to do, I’ve tried ideas in a jar on pieces of paper, etc. But they always seem preplanned, not spontaneous enough, or too specific. Basically I come up with every reason in the book to not create. DAMN artist block! So when I saw this article I got super excited and thought I have to do this at home. So naturally I made my own version using things I already had.


  • airdry clay
  • paper & pen
  • glue/matte medium
  • paint

So for me I took a long look at corresponding themes and pieces that I created and loved. I love the original choices used in the article but I knew what I didn’t want and the types of things I like to create.

I LOVE color and I love using different mediums so those were important to include for me. So I started making mini lists each one with a theme. one was add ons, color, materials, art mediums, things to draw etc.

I ended up making 6 dice. I was trying to find a reason to use the rest of my air dry clay. Which I have never used before and they are pretty heavy so be careful with the type of air dry clay you are using. You should use wooden blocks because mine dont roll very well.

I like having a large variety because I can toss one or a few or all if I’m feeling crazy. What do you guys think? How do you combat artist block?


Sarah Rakeelia

(note: all credit goes to Carolyn Dube for her idea in the article in the Issue of Cloth Paper Scissors, the above photos are just my personal version of a great idea.) 


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